Foundation Gifts

Your gifts to the CCMH Foundation have already made a difference in someone’s life. Since 1996, because of your donations, we have been able to grant over 1.3 million to Community Memorial Hospital, CMH Raiter Family Clinic and Sunnyside Health Care Center for programs and important equipment to improve the quality of care and enhance the quality of life for our patients and our residents. That is because of YOU!


Cardiac Rehabilitation: Rowing Machine

Sunnyside Health Care Center: Dining Chairs

Advanced Wound Clinic: Handheld Doppler

Emergency Department: Room Pressure Monitor

CMH Raiter Family Clinic: Plank Flooring for patient rooms

Occupational Therapy: Neuron Up Assessment Kit + Thermal Therapeutic Ultrasound


2022 $36,456
CMH Laboratories: Microscope

Nutrition Services: Insulated Food Carts

Imaging Services: Computer Interface

Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab: Waiting Room Chairs

Speech Therapy: iPad and Protective Case + Screen Protectors

Advanced Wound Clinic: General Exam Lamps

Sunnyside Health Care Center Life Engagement: Shelving, Refrigerator, Garden Shed

Occupational Therapy:  Treatment tools

Infusion/Chemo:  Vein Finder + 2 additional treatment recliners


2021 $244,000

CMH Raiter Family Clinic: 7 Stethoscopes

Radiology: Data Ports for PET Scan, Bone Densitometry Scanner

Sunnyside Health Care Center:  NuStep Recumbent Exerciser, $100,000 “set aside” for the future new SHCC

Medical Surgical: 4 Recliners for Patient Rooms

Occupational Therapy: Splint Pan and Mobile Cart, Ramp Up Rehab Package

Surgery: Gel Foam Shoulder Surgery Positioner, Vital Sign Monitors

Quality Improvement:  Continuing Care Management Patient Participation Program

Emergency Department: Medication Scanner

Physical Therapy: Carpet for Waiting Room

Family Medicine: Vital Sign Monitors, Exam Tables, Safety Panic Buttons

Material’s Management: Supply Storage Shelves

Pain Clinic: Patient Imaging Table

Specialty Clinic: Safety Panic Buttons


2020 $79,780

Occupational Therapy: Bioness Integrated Therapy System

Emergency: Security Badge Readers

Materials Management:  3 Cordless Phones and 3 Headsets

Administration: COVID-19 Equipment and Supplies

SHCC Life Engagement: Special Activity Funds

Radiology: Computed Radiography to Digital Radiography update

Family Clinic: Ottoscopes and Opthalmoscopes

CMH Raiter Family Clinic and Emergency: Pulse Oximeters, COVID Home Monitoring

Environmental Services: Communications System

Surgical Services: Ultrasound Probe

Information Systems Technology: Video Monitoring Equipment

2019 $71,847

Materials Management: Cart and Scanner

CMH Family Clinic: Portable Ultrasound Machine

Birthing Suites/OB: Nitrous Oxide System

Radiology: C-Arm Technology and Imaging Chair

Building and Grounds: Safety Bollards

Chaplaincy: Wall Painting

Infusion/Chemo Clinic: (5) Zero Gravity Recliners

SHCC Life Engagement: Patio Fire Pit, Special Entertainment, Resident Christmas Gifts

Cardiac Rehab: Sit-Down Recumbent Exerciser, Startup Monitoring Equipment

2018 $65,000

Birthing Suites/OB: Doppler Fetal Monitor

Family Clinic: 6 Ophthalmoscopes and 6 Otoscopes

Emergency: Ambulance Child Restraint

2016-17 $197,000

Orthopedics and General Surgery: Mobile Arthroscopic Equipment

Emergency: Security System

Building and Grounds: Safety Bollards

Laboratory: Fresh Frozen Plasma Thawer

2015 $2,500

Identification Badge Access System

2014 $2,000

Meeting Room projectors

2013 $56,470

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Elliptical, NuStep, Treadmill

Emergency/Med Surgical: Crash Carts

Surgery: ENT Microscopes

Birthing Suites/OB Identification Badge System

Diabetic Education: Health Fair Sponsorship

Telemetry Remote Viewing System

2012 $59,683

Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy Departments: Retrofit for hospital

2011 $98,000
Liko Lifts

2010 $111,948

Sunnyside Health Care Center: CareTracker System

Neptune Toilet Lift

Birthing Suites/OB: Bilirubin Analyzer

Surgery: Power Drills, Stirrup Cart

Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitor

Physical Therapy: Graston Technique Equipment System

Occupational Therapy: Pro Package for BTE Simulator

Emergency:  Accuvein

Set of Wireless Radios

2009 $155,236

Sunnyside Health Care Center: New Curtains for all Resident Rooms

Sunnyside Health Care Center: Equipment and Supplies for Resident’s Mealtime Enhancement Program

Birthing Suites/OB: 2 Rocking Chair Recliners

Computer Lab: 6 Computers

Surgery: Anesthesia Machine

5 Automatic External Defibrillators

Respirator Fit Testers

2008 $111,600

Building Fund for New Expansion

Sunnyside Health Care Center: Specialty Walkers

Occupational Therapy: BTE Simulator II

Emergency: Cardiac Monitor

Portable Ultrasound

2007 $27,027

Building Fund for New Expansion

Orthopedics: Surgical Leg Brace

2006 $25,000

Building Fund for New Expansion

2005 $25,000

Building Fund for New Expansion

2004 $25,000

Building Fund for New Expansion

2002 $25,000

Building Fund for New Expansion

2000 $97,000

Radiology:  C-Arm Unit

1998 $108,638

Radiology: Mammography Equipment

1997 $64,000

Radiology: CT Scan Equipment

1996 $35,000

Radiology: CT Scan Facility Renovation